Friday, November 18, 2016

Be Aware

* Things and people  are not always as they appear.

* We chose HVPCA  as our home to enjoy without the responsibility of upkeep.

* HVPCA  is a legal Michigan association  with legal bylaws  and a legal bonded Executive  Board of directors.

* Thomas Schmidt, Ed Zaorski and Jocelyn Antoniewicz  are NOT bonded executive  board members.

* Ed Zaorski  violated HVPCA  bylaws  and refused to correct the violation. The only recourse  for the board was to enforce the bylaws legally.

* The Executive  Board brought the case to court in order to end the problem and save the association  continued legal fees.

* Settlement  was decided by Judge Sheeran  in Bay City Michigan  Circuit Court and signed by both owners of Unit # 33, Edward  Zaorski and Anthony Richter and by HVPCA  President Marty Fish-Flores.

* Jocelyn continued stirring the pot, running around  town  acting as an Executive  Board  member, even sending unauthorized  people knocking on our doors to check our homes for insurance  purposes. She brought herself before new residents, unlawfully representing herself as the authority on bylaws, rules, and general information.

* Meanwhile, because of Jocelyn's behavior, our legal fees continue to rise. All this time, Jocelyn has been given free reign by the two priests at #33 to cause havoc about their porch... because their attorney, Tony Richter's  brother, Jerry Richter is providing legal services to them for FREE.

* Jocelyn should be removed from the HVPCA  Board. I suggest you set aside the third Monday  in January  and attend the open board meeting  of HVCPA to learn what we are really about.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Words of welcome from the president.
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